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  • Thursday ,23 March 2017

Police of fashionable ripped jeans!

Said El Sunni

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Thursday ,23 March 2017

Police of fashionable ripped jeans!

Dr. Amenah Nasir, a professor at Al-Azhar University and a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives, searched her books and mind about the concerns of the Egyptians and their suffering with the high prices, unemployment, health issues, education and extremism..etc. She found out that the most important reasons of such problems of Egypt are several university students with fashionable ripped jeans as they expose their body and hurt the feelings of other male students!

Her brilliant diagnoses to problems in Egypt led her to call to put pressure on Dr. Jaber Nassar, president of Cairo university, to issue an urgent decision to prevent the entry of such students to the university. She was about to call the university to hire Police of fashionable ripped jeans! It’s worth mentioning here that Salafis believe that the whole women’s body must be covered with loose clothes and niqab.
Dr. Nasar answered her calls saying he will impose such rules if only they were passed as law in the parliament. She insisted on her claim and promised to continue her new battle remembering that the same university has prevented women wearing niqab from entering the campus. 
Dr. Amenah was not the only MP that came with such strange ideas. Some MPs even called to behead Facebook activists who dare to oppose the regime and incite against online or even share the opposing post!
However death penalty here is a crazy punishment for opinion crimes, some MPs don’t hesitate to prove their loyalty to the regime even by calling to kill the opposition ignoring all kinds of freedom of speech and human rights.
 Weeks before, another MP called to make virginity check on university students assuming they are "deviant" by default. He criticized clothes of female MPs and supported "female circumcision" to help women overcome sexual weakness of their husbands!
It should be clear that our MPs are supposed to watch over the executive authority, to make new legislation, and approve the General Budget. Yet, they are not supposed to teach the people about religion or good manners. We ask God to keep Egypt safe.