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  • Monday ,20 March 2017

Think Over Again!

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,20 March 2017

Think Over Again!

Well first let me appologize once more for missing my weekly appointment with you this time it was due to Internet connection that was down since eve... Yes this is how I feel whenever I miss internet connection! Well while travelling obviously I'll not have internet but when you are at your own home and you miss Internet either because unstable service or due to land line problems that is way too much but well I still say Egypt has something really sweet! Sweet sweet home!

There is so much going on arount as that we need to stay focus and allert to any and each event!let me start with the most recent events I missed commenting on them like Merkel visit to Egypt with a banch of German business men! Why? Because two years restless work started showing up to whomever wants to see!
Here I do not say we are safe and Egypt is standing back on its feet, for safety we all know we are at war with terror and terrorism , unfortunately in this war you are not facing a regular aarmy and as well no way to say when this war ends or we are victorious! But obviously as long as we do have martirs for the army, police or civilians this means the war is still on!
If so what I did mean in my conclusion in the previous paragraph about the German businessmen?
I simply was trying we say we are on the right path we are not encreasing our well known problems we still have poor people and hi class people getting richer with briberies but our eyes are open judges are arrested and efforts to correct the path of education and women are taking back their right position -By the way Happy women day, and happy Egyptian women day and  happy mothers day!-Youth are taking back the leading roles and the future will be soon brighter as president El-Sisi said within 6 months ( gone already almost 2 moths) will start feeling the change! Egyptians we are almost 4 moths away from that appointment El-Sisi promised!
Accordingly like Trump did with USA Businessmen I'd like to propose the following proposition to our government; Take it ort leave it!
1. Trump offered reduction in Taxes for businessmen transferring their business to USA, but is we have economical problems I would say:-
Businessmen creating or introducing new facilities with their investments and offering new opportunities for jobs should be exempted from taxes from taxes 10-15 years according to the number of jobs offered1
Factories developing and improving their production and expanding offering more jobs should be exampted from taxes x amount of years according to the number of new jobs offered!
Traders who offer local products for sell at a low rate of profit should be tottaly exampled from taxes on those products
 We need to encourage people to produce and thank them for helping to reduce unemployed people or otherwise stating reduce poverty and help poor people to find jobs and food which will reduce the government budget to help those people it is a new point of view to see matters more optimistically!
This as well will show me if there is any followers to my articles or it is a space occupancy if I see any reaction to those proposals I'll be happy some one is reading what I write cause I really feel I meet you all in person when I write my articles!
May God Keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!