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  • Wednesday ,01 March 2017

It is a matter of national security

Suleiman Shafik

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Wednesday ,01 March 2017

It is a matter of national security

As the Egyptian armed forces is waging fierce war against Takfirists in Sinai, terrorists of ISIS have killed six Copts in two weeks taking the number of killed Copts since 2012 to 16 martyrs. This caused panic among them and therefore they decided to flee to Ismailia just like they did in 2012 when a leaflet was distributed giving the Copts 48 hours to leave Rafah or else they would lose their lives. Two Coptic priests were shot dead later. "The state of the Sinai" has always declared its responsibility for the attacks.

Such attacks have always been an introduction for forced displacement, which threatens national security of Egypt. I have written five articles about that topic since 2011. El-Arish was founded by Muhammad Ali in 1810 before he faces its very first rebellion in 1831 against his policy to recognize the right of the people in Sinai to own the land. From 1831 to 1950, there were 14 rebellions against the government by people of Sinai. 
People in Sinai suffered a lot during the Egyptian wars with Israel in 1956, 1967 and 1973. Israel tried to prevent Egypt from developing Sinai. From 2006 to 2010, there were 60 rebellion attempts against the government by people of Sinai, which led police to arrest 3000 people; many of them were sentenced to life imprisonment and death penalty.
After the revolution of January 25, successive governments treated the people of Sinai the same, which led them to declare the so-called customary constitution, demanding the release of detainees and respect for their customary judiciary, equal opportunities in recruitment and military colleges.
On July 29, 2011, the Salafi jihadists declared Sinai an Islamic Caliphate and carried out 105 terrorist attacks against the state enterprises so far, leaving hundreds of victims.
 In fact, Egypt is fighting a real war against countries and organizations working to bring Sinai and Egypt down. Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to destroy the Egyptian unity by targeting Christians after targeting Egyptian soldiers. The problem is that they are receiving support by failure police and stupid officials who can’t see the danger coming. The church offered help to the Coptic people who suffered from forced displacement in Sinai, but they received insults in return. The state has to support those citizens and the police have to reconsider the whole matter.