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  • Thursday ,19 January 2017

The road to failure

Ezzat Boulos

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Thursday ,19 January 2017

The road to failure

Nobody can fairly judge the decisions of the Egyptian government unless he or she really knows about the very details of all decisions they make. However, criticism is granted for everybody as the freedom of expression is granted. Yet, I want to talk here about the people who are grumbling all the time because of the increasing prices. The rich and the poor finally found something in common that they can talk about. Moreover, some people started to enjoy that talk instead of seeking hard working at such critical moment in our history. 

It is a good chance for Egypt to recover and fix the situation in a country that faces a lot of conspiracies financed by several foreign countries and organizations. We should give them no chance to frustrate us and lead our country to failure. 
Peoples of Europe suffered a lot in order to build their countries after the wars that destroyed its infrastructure. They suffered a lot striving to live and build their civilization.
The true way to failure is to surrender and consume more useless goods and continue crying that they are expensive. People are recalling the cheaper prices under Mubarak regime forgetting that his rule would lead Egypt to darker future. It will be no strange to hear some people regretting the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood as well!