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  • Thursday ,05 January 2017

The king of kings of Africa is now Mohammed VI

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,05 January 2017

The king of kings of Africa is now Mohammed VI
The green tent of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was destination of several politicians, sports men and artists. Those guests came from both the smallest tribal in Africa to the senior officials of the White House and the European Union. This tint provided profit for many people who are willing to trade in all kinds of items including the remains of humans.
Major companies used Libya and its 
Gaddafi to enter the continent that has more than half the world's wealth. Gaddafi offered compensation to the families of victims of Lockerbie incident and gave up many of his dreams concerning the nuclear project. He headed to Africa and was called the king of kings of Africa. Yet, he was killed in what was called the Arab Spring.
The new king of Africa will be king of Morocco supported by the same people who killed Gaddafi and supported many projects in Africa including fertilizers factory in Ethiopia with a budget estimated at $ 4 billion as part of Israeli agreement by Bnaymen Netanyahu to sell phosphate to fertilize Ethiopian lands. There was another agreement to export gas to Europe through pipeline in Nigeria. 
Will the new king of kings in Africa will be able to achieve his new mission after Gaddafi has failed in it? Will he be able to develop Africa and make the multi-national companies win after these companies have supported Donald Trump to win the presidential elections in America?