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  • Wednesday ,21 December 2016

Between Doria Shafiq and Mahmoud Shafiq

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,21 December 2016

Between Doria Shafiq and Mahmoud Shafiq
As Google was celebrating 104 years of Doria Shafiq’s birthday, the terrorists were celebrating the suicide attack carried out by the 22 years old Mahmoud Shafiq. The huge gap between the two persons lies not only in time, but also in the way of thinking. Shafiq who struggled against the English occupation and strived to liberate women is different from the young boy who came from Upper Egypt. The woman searched, wrote and struggled, while the man carried out a suicide bombing attack to kill many women and children. The one million dollar question is: how did the young Shafiq and his friends took control over Egypt instead of Doria Shafiq? 
The Egyptian women are struggling today to preserve their rights, and almost forgot that Shafiq granted them the right to vote in 1956. The young Shafiq was only thinking about killing other people and shed their blood even by wearing an explosive belt.
Unfortunately, Egypt has moved from intellectual struggle while the Muslim Brotherhood and their friends are thinking about bombing their opponents which can only lead to failure. We don’t develop by time, but rather retard by a failure education system. 
Egypt is now captured by the thought of young Shafiq, and forgot about the great lady who straggled to spread education, and established a school in Cairo. She had several achievements because of her love to Egypt unlike those who dedicated their lives to destroy Egypt. Terrorists will lose the fight at the end as Egypt shall prevail. Education must be a top priority as it is a matter of national security.