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  • Thursday ,15 December 2016

Arab Politics

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,15 December 2016

Arab Politics

The Arab countries are facing waves of conspiracies and threats including those by Iran and threats to their oil industry. Yet, the thirty-seventh session of the summit of the leaders of the six Gulf states was held under the supervision of Great Britain and in the presence of its Prime Minister Theresa May who declared that the security of the Gulf states is security of Britain. 

The Arab leaders should not forget about years of occupation by the British Empire when they rush to meet with the British Prime Minister and talking her presence with excessive pride. Such interest comes by the Saudi Kingdom after America has changed its policy toward the kingdom and issued Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act that considers the Saudi Kingdom a sponsor of terrorism that should compensate the victims of terrorism billions of dollars. This coincides with the new policy embraced by Donald Trump that will not be very friendly with them. The Muslim Brotherhood will be considered a terrorist group and the Iranian threat against the Saudi Arabia led the kingdom and several Gulf countries to ask for help from Israel and took the British ally that still supports the Muslim Brotherhood. In return, Britain will gain a lot of money from the Gulf countries that will also purchase military defense systems. This is their alternative to the agreement of joint Arab force sponsored by Egypt knowing its importance to the Arab security. However, Saudi Arabia prefers it English - Israeli. 
Let’s move to the dispute between Egypt and the Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom decided to support Egypt after the revolution of June 30 and offered a lot of money and support to the new government seeking its blind obedience. Yet, Egypt refused to offer such blind obedience and refused to join the armed forces in the war in Yemen. Moreover, the message of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi that the Egyptian decision is independent drove the kingdom crazy and it decided to declare its hatred towards Egypt and hinder its progress.