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  • Friday ,09 December 2016

Copts: A history of sacrificing

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,10 December 2016

Copts: A history of sacrificing

The terrorism attack that happened recently against the Church of St. Peter, located inside the Coptic Cathedral shows us, that without a doubt, the Copts have a history, and are a living history, of sacrifice. 

Martyrdom is something the Coptic people have gotten used to since the time Islam invaded Egypt. Before that, it was the Roman Empire who considered Christians as rebels.
This terrorism attack not only shows the teachings of hatred in schools and mosques, and how it leads to disasters such as these tragedies, but also shows that unless Egypt takes serious steps to eliminate these insulting teachings towards other religions we will continue down this road. This attack aslso shows how the police is so careless about protecting the rights and freedoms any Egyptian Christian should be able to practice.
Unfortunately, what makes matters worse is that the interior minister didn’t resign when he should have. Many people may argue that terrorism attacks happens everywhere, but I want to be clear that Christians and their Churches are a target for terrorist groups, and that alone should put more responsibilities on the police to protect the churches. 
Finally, I want to give my condolences to our martyrs, their families, their friends and every Copt who lives inside and outside of Egypt because we are so proud that are from that group of martyrs by being Coptic as they are.