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  • Monday ,17 October 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part VIII

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,17 October 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part VIII

Back to the Egyptian Traditions that I missed so much bu how could I write the article without a Laptop or a Computer? Moreover; how would I send it without Internet? 

Any way this brief forced vacation was an opportunity to renew my views and hear other opinions one of them was an old old Egyptian Tradition that any problem Egypt faces is the Israeli-American plot! I fed up with this excuse that I always heard rather than solving that problem!
OK, let us see another tradition the say that Israel wants to extend its occupied lands from River Nile to Forat River in Iraq! I’m not aware if this is true or just another pure Egyptian invention, but did any one asked himself why Israel did not jump on the opportunity on June 5th 1967? No aviation no standing up army Egypt was wide open for invasion not just until River Nile but may be until Libya; why they never did? OK, they missed the opportunity, what about the Ghost of Iraq they can not take not just up to Forat River but the whole of Iraq like they did with Golan Highs? And please no one says they do respect laws or any decisions the UNITED NATIONS took!
We really need to work out our Brains, and stop believing rumors and getting depressed or repeat the rumors and depress others and the cycle is on and on!
Spreading depression with rumors affected Ibrahim Eissa who was initially born wearing dark black glasses allows him to only see the 1/2 empty glass he can not see any hops but this does not mean he is not loyal; his loyalty put him in prison but he can not give any positive solutions unfortunately his is very pessimistic!
In his pessimism he can not see the soldiers who willingly sacrificed their lives to avenge the trap their colleges fall into it loosing their lives…this is the war, the war on terrorists that the world face but Egypt and Egypt alone is fighting it by itself!
Pessimism let you see only the raise opportunists imposed on goods their price gone up few penis and greedy merchants hid them and doubled their prices sugar priced for 5 Egy pounds sold for 10 and may be more!
Optimists however can clearly see how young guys overwork to accomplish tasks on time limits way shorter than expected. Real Egyptians are still around building the new towns, tunnels and planting new fields for Egypt to stand back in its feet!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon all of you!