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  • Friday ,14 October 2016

Religion bringing honor and shame

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,14 October 2016

Religion bringing honor and shame
Cairo University, one of Egypt’s top universities, finally realized that developing education should be reflected on developing minds, and that resisting retardation comes with resisting discrimination. This was revealed with a decision by Cairo University’s President Gaber Nassar to abolish religious identity from all official paper work.
In fact, the Egyptian constitution has been talking for long time about freedom of religion and equality among citizens, but has always supported discrimination among citizens based on religion with the ‘religious identity’ field from Egyptian national identity cards.
This time, Cairo University decided to restore its leading position in Egypt, and took that step that is facing a lot of opposition in Egypt. Yet, the University president announced he will not retreat.
I think that such decision is one step forward towards the application and respect of the Egyptian constitution and law. People should realize that they have equal rights, and honor comes with hard work and production, and not by belonging to certain religion.