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  • Tuesday ,11 October 2016

Something weird happens

Abram Tawadros

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Tuesday ,11 October 2016

Something weird happens

Official page of the spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church mentioned nothing about the martyrs of Maspero at the fifth anniversary of their martyrdom. Moreover, Pope Tawadros has not mentioned them in his weekly sermon.

I wonder what the pope will say about them if he received a question related to Maspero martyrs! I’m afraid he will repeat what he said about the monks of Wadi Rayan monastery when he said that they are not even monks and the place is not even a monastery.
In fact, we cherish our martyrs who were killed in Maspero massacre. Those martyrs have demonstrated against the injustice that Christians face by the state. 
They demonstrated carrying the cross, not weapons, but 24 of them were killed and the state television incited against them. We shall always remember those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation, but their families are still suffering their loss.