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  • Friday ,07 October 2016

Death or glory!

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,07 October 2016

Death or glory!

Several articles on the internet claim that Israel has won the war of October 1973, but the truth is that Israel had much more losses in the war that it can’t be called a victorious after all.  

One of the articles that claims Israel has won said that the use of intelligence massively benefited the Israelis, and that the Arab nations did not fight as one unit as their command structure was not unified and each fighting unit (in the Sinai and the Golan Heights) acted as individual units. It added that with up to nine different nationalities involved on the Arab side, mere co-ordination would have been extremely difficult. It also claims that the Israelis had to work to one simple equation: if they lost, the state of Israel would cease to exist. Therefore, for Israel it was a fight to the finish – literally “death or glory”
At the 43rd anniversary of this war, Egypt is waging another war against terrorism as well as struggling in a really difficult economic situation. We should learn this time how to fight to the finish and know how to achieve victory. 
As the article mentioned, the use of intelligence would greatly benefit in order to learn the moves of our enemies and tell us where and when to move. The unity among the Egyptian people as well as the nearby countries should strengthen us as well. Therefore, we should seek unity in our community and among countries in the region. Finally, we should fight this fight as a matter of death or glory!