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  • Tuesday ,27 September 2016
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The world is listening to Egypt

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,27 September 2016

The world is listening to Egypt

The visit of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to America to speak in the UN caused many disputes, especially between the Copts in Egypt and abroad. The Muslim Brotherhood started to prepare for the visit by demonstrations and media campaigns in order to distort the reputation of Egypt and its president. They used rumors about poverty in Egypt, which was amazingly used and supported by few Coptic traitors like Mr. Magdy Khalil who claimed to defend the Coptic persecuted Christians by a demonstration in front of the white house.  This is expected to be followed by statements to denounce the situation in Egypt and promises to intervene in order to protect the Copts as planned to divide the nation.

Soon, the Coptic Church felt the danger and moved to save the nation and the Copts whom are manipulated to implement the scheme to divide Egypt. Therefore, it called Copts abroad to support Egypt and its president during his visit to the United States of America. This drove the conspirators crazy   and decided to attack the church and called her not to interfere in politics!
The conspirators couldn’t differentiate between a national action and political action. The Copts have not supported a political party or collation, but rather a support of the nation and save the Copts themselves from being accused for conspiracy against Egypt.
The historic visit began, and the Egyptians stood for hours to welcome the Egyptian president who held several meetings with the leaders of the world including Secretary General of the United Nations, Prime Ministers of England - France - Romania - Malta - Cyprus - Palestine - Iraq - Lebanon - Macedonia and India.  He also met with chambers of commerce and boards of US businessmen.  However, the most important meeting was with the two candidates of the American presidency. America has to deal with the powerful Egyptian president. Now, Egypt starts to talk, and the world is listening.