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  • Monday ,19 September 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part V

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 September 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part V

This week I resume the Egyptian Tradition as if part VI of last week was published but in fact this week's re-write of article Egyptian Traditions P VI of last week that unfortunately the program and my computer crashed and was lost, I could not even apologize via e-mail as Internet was on/off and my laptop keeps crashing and over hitting and very slow due to over hitting! Moreover, I had a copy on Drive One a network site offers free space to save files kind of backup but the site was down and since then this file is out of limits of free space offered and can not open, in brief I would say either that file has a virus or it is cursed!

Unfortunately I lost the site over the Internet I was trying to comment on it so the comments are out of my loose memory of what I can remember, the site was publishing an Article written by New York Daily News, and this is a well known USA site otherwise stating the site the article and the author being Americans they represent somehow the American view!
As far as I can remember the article was about Egyptians in Menya an Egyptian city south of Egypt were Christian citizens population is 40% and clashes with radical Muslims keep going time and time!
I know for a fact sectarian violence had been the name of the game since Mubarak era of the Muslim Brotherhood -MB for short- the search of “My sister Kamelia” and claiming churches hide weapons and many more incidents I lost count of them but as per the New York Times 32 since 2013 and over 300 the days of Morsy in power!
New York Times claims that Menya Christians reached the breaking point, that is they will return violence with violence and request official response to the crimes committed against them!
At this point I recall, ex-presenter of Faraeen TV station Okasha, and his introduction to the public in Egypt of the forth generation wars! In this wars no armies involved but YOU WILL DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO!
So the plot is clear MB keep attacking Christian Egyptians in Menya until the Christian Egyptians not just of Menya but ALL of Egypt do what -the ones behind that plot- want them to do!
Without naming names who the plotter is, USA, FBI, or MI6 the creator of MB; whomever he/she is obviously the target is Egypt the heart of this world, but thanks God he did bless Egypt and Egypt alone!
May God Keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians his peace be upon you all!