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  • Wednesday ,14 September 2016

Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rises to 30


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Wednesday ,14 September 2016

Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rises to 30

 The death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rose on Wednesday to 30, Head of the Egyptian medical Hajj mission Ali Hegazi was quoted by Sabah On talk show on ON T.V. as saying.

In coordination with the Saudi authorities, the operation room of the mission have finalized legal procedures to bury all the deceased upon death, said Maher.
All the cases died of natural causes, including heat exhaustion, high blood pressure and hypertension, he added.
All the Egyptian pilgrims, estimated at 87,000, have successfully ascended Arafat Mount to perform hajj’s cornerstone ritual on Sunday. Arafat Mount is where Prophet Mohammed delivered his final sermon before he died.