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  • Tuesday ,13 September 2016

28 Egyptians die on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia


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Tuesday ,13 September 2016

28 Egyptians die on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

 Twenty-eight Egyptians have died while on pilgrimage on Saudi Arabia during Eid al-Adha, according to Major General Sayed Maher, deputy interior minister for administrative affairs and head of the Egyptian pilgrims mission.

In press remarks on Monday, Maher said that the pilgrims included 11 who had won the Hajj lottery, nine who traveled through tourist companies, four who traveled through NGOs and other four other individuals.
The victims were buried at holy sites in Saudi Arabia after permission was granted by their relatives in Egypt, he added.
Meanwhile, several sick people were able to complete their planned visit to Mount Arafat by ambulance, in co-ordination with Saudi medical authorities. They were returned to hospital after their visit.