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  • Thursday ,08 September 2016

Choosing between fighting extremism or development

Mena Habeeb

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Thursday ,08 September 2016

Choosing between fighting extremism or development
As an Egyptian citizen, I feel that my developing country has a lot of work to do in order to develop, especially as the situation is too bad on many scales like economy, security and socially. Many resources are wasted in my country including the power of youth that we are in bad need to benefit from!
We can’t build our country without achieving our unity. Yet, fanaticism hinders our steps and leads us to more vital losses and affects the sense of belonging to this country very badly. At the time we are in bad need to build our country, we are fighting to issue a law of building churches that tries to keep the Coptic Christians as suffering minority that struggles to achieve freedom of worship.
At such critical moment in Egypt, I find myself choosing whether to concentrate on Development and Social Change topics, or to counter radicalization. It’s hard choice though it shouldn’t be. 
In fact, binding our country should be our first priority, and we should ignore all distractions before achieving this goal. All state institutions should eliminate such distractions and teach the people that we are equal citizens who should take equal shares while building our country.