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  • Monday ,05 September 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part III

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,05 September 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part III

In old times a mother's only job was to take care of her house meaning her husband and kids, they all needed food so she had to cook and this included lot of kitchen side work like washing dishes and sometimes she had to go in the market to buy vegetables and other cooking staff, she had as well keep every thing in the house clean clothes or bed shits carpets and the floor!

Sometimes kids would help around as they grow but was not a must it was pure volunteer same holds with the husband some would help and it had nothing to do with men being overworked or tired, it was a pure affection and wanting to be part of his wife's life!
But as times change and life become more and more expensive, house wives gradually disappeared, it was not just the desire of women to prove equality to men but a necessity of life! So the quite family life  become less available, no time after dinner to say stories or love the kids, she had to prepare what could be ready for tomorrow morning as parents had to rush the kids to school then run to their jobs!
But eliminating that old times quality family life did not mean by any way parents stopped loving their kids it meant they had no more time to afford it being tired from all day work, but they still love their kids and want to be part of their lives!
This holds allover the world not just Egypt, so new generations of kids start missing that excess love and could no more wait on their parents to teach them right from wrong the majority had to depend on their own try and fail or succeed to build up their own judgments!
Caring parents become dictators from the point of view of the kids, and kids become disrespectful from the point of view of the parents no one has the time to investigate and understand how the other thinks!
If the father wants his daughter home by 10am and she failed to be back before midnight she disobeyed, he does not discuss what was the hold, he does not try to see what kept his daughter till midnight? No one tries to see why the boy had a violet shirt on brown pants, judgment said he had no test for colors and how to choose matching ones, but the boy wanted to be different than his friends they all wear same clothes the school uniform he wanted to be different that is all!
So parents have no time to understand and discuss the behaviors of their kids and with the luck of education they might fail to understand behaviors need psychologist to analyze, as for the kids with the luck of understanding and no one to explain they think the parents are just an extension of the dictatorship and the only solution is to revolt on any orders!
This is what teachers has to do they need to explain to the students why we need them wearing a uniform, school uniform tells people this boy belongs to that school so when lost we know were to send him, they need to explain to girls why they need to go early home but those days with the harassment it become pointless!
The decision to eliminate mid-term exams and become monthly exams is an excellent idea this way those who cheat they will have to open their books more than once and who knows they might learn something! 
In brief lack of education affects everybody, parents can no more properly communicate with their children, no time, no psychiatric information, and cannot properly analyze the behaviors of their children to react accordingly but on the other side children without any experiences translate parent’s caring and love as  possessive desire and dictatorship, being in mother’s hug means she wants to own me but I’m not a cat or a doll I’m a human being and an independent one I have my own thoughts and feelings! And in the absence of the parents advise children have to depend on their own judgments after trials doing wrong things until they can discover the right path mean time parents can not allow wrong doing and things get complicated more and more!
This is the accumulated errors over years and years of wrong education means until education collapsed! And now we all suffer from it, youth can only see negative parts of the government they expect it to solve all problems but they do not want to be part of the solution they can not understand that they will be the main beneficiary of a united strong country that stood back on its own feet!
However, my confidence in God and his blessings to Egypt and Egyptians tells me the future will be bright God will never take back his blessings may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be with you all!