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  • Friday ,02 September 2016

International Visits

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,03 September 2016

International Visits

No doubt that the international visit is very important to any president and to any country seeks more development and more progress, however, the time of the visit is very important to be able to achieve what you aim at.

Lately, President Sisi went to visit India which is something good in the long run, however, I can’t imagine that a president can go for a visit to India while the parents can’t find milk to their children.
I believe that caring about what’s going inside Egypt should be our first priority not outside, especially in that critical time that Egypt suffer from many problems which affects the simple citizen.
Egypt needs who cares about everything inside. People can’t find milk for the children, many train accidents happened lately, people barely can find water to drink, people suffer from inflation in all goods and services.
In conclusion, I want to assure that people are close to lose their hopes in being human and they started to lose the hope in any reforms and any president job should be keep the citizen hopeful, will MR President do that?