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  • Wednesday ,31 August 2016

There is something wrong

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,31 August 2016

There is something wrong
The Wahhabi Salafist sectarian ideology affects the way of thinking of the Egyptian government that is supposed to be civilian. Therefore, the Coptic Christians are insulted and treated unequally with their fellow Muslim Egyptians. The bill of building houses of worship was replaced by the law of building churches, proving that the state can’t treat Muslims and Christians equally in their home country.
The law of building churches included authoritarian unjustified articles including the space of the church and it should be surrounded by a fence, and the need for approvals of security and the governor of the province. This proves that Coptic Christians are treated as persecuted minority in their own country. 
The Egyptian government discriminate between citizens based on their religion since it grants building mosques without prevention or limitation, while it puts many obstacles that prevent building churches for years. This is a violation of the constitution which is totally accepted by the government. 
Muslims in Loufy village refused building a church in their village though officials of the government and police tried to convince them to have what they believe is a filthy building that will disgrace their sanctified village! That state once again proved to be very weak! Furthermore, the government accepts that Christians are being displaced from their villages in order to please the fanatics and may accept the reconciliation with the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The parliament that welcomes such reconciliation has refused to form a fact finding committee to investigate the sectarian incidents in Minya governorate proves that there is something wrong!
Police have also participated in that farce by oppressing the Copts to force them reconcile with the Muslim oppressors. At the same time, director of security in Minya claim that there is no sectarian incidents in the governorate, but only normal disputes!
The government in Egypt have reconciled with the Salafis who incite sectarianism in Egypt and spreading hatred against Christians.
The Coptic Orthodox Church has accepted the sectarian law of building churches without discussing it with the congregation.
When the Coptic Christian young and old people refuse to demonstrate against all of this, we should realize that there is something wrong. Yet, when the officials don’t realize any of this, it means that everything is wrong in our country. Long live Egypt for all Egyptians!