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  • Monday ,29 August 2016

Zero schoolgirl scores 94% in high school’s exams


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Monday ,29 August 2016

Zero schoolgirl scores 94% in high school’s exams

 Coptic student Mariam Malak, known as zero schoolgirl, scored 94% during the high school exams this year after ending her Arabic language exam delayed by a decision from Egypt’s minister of Education, According to sources.

The student suffered from a drop in blood circulation during performing the Arabic language exam. She was transferred to the hospital, prompting the education minister to delay her exam.
Malak scored 307 marks, equaling 75%, during the first round of exams that did not include the Arabic language. 
The student raised a state of controversy among the Egyptians, as she refused to recognize the results of the last year’s exams in which she scored 0%. She accused the educational authorities of falsifying her answer sheets.