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  • Monday ,29 August 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part II

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,29 August 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part II

When I was just a kid playing with my toy train suddenly it was two pieces and a big melancholy hit me until R.I.P. My uncle with magical hands and moves fixed it back into one whole piece! What a joy erased that melancholy and asked amassed “How you did it?” and his answer hit my brains for years to come “Engineer I am   not just a teacher of mathematics!” The obsession begun somehow I knew the faculty of Engineering needs Mathematics and studying did not stop my hobby to dig up any instruments to discover their functionality and that is how I got obsessed with computers and internet!

The reason I'm saying this to show that our choices are not always the best choices, sometimes we are mislead to wrong choices and then we do not acknowledge we were wrong but try to get away blaming others and pretend we were victims!
Back to the Egyptian traditions, Christian Egyptians lost their rights to many jobs but this was not a new issue, upon King Farouk era the rich people who owned 99% of the agricultural land had the power to recommend who's farmer son could join the faculty of Engineering or Medicine but mean time if they were not happy with a farmer who works on their land they could ruin his life that is people of power they could let you live or die!
After the revolution of 23rd July 1952 those rich people lost but just 100 hecklers of land lost their powers but this power went to other powerful people so that the poor remains poor and the powerful richer! Well that's life nothing remains but the power of GOD!
Today I try to show how our choices are not always the best choice taking as an example my own case when I become obsessed with the magic of my uncle the Engineer and believed Engineering will make me a magician too moreover, I tried to discover how every thing works and carefully watched the plumber and electrician fix our daily problems in the house and later one I took over their duties since I become teenager and my parents trusted me no electrician changed a switch or plumber fixed a leaking tap and I invented new methods I didn't had to buy rubber rings to stop leaking water, I would cut and shape them from old used clothes or utilities and become my hobby to spend hours checking old staff before packing them to the rubbish bin after collecting any useful staff that I could use to fix problems, however, my desire to become an Engineer changed when I was about to officially join the faculty of Engineering when I saw a movie dealing with COMPUTERS my desire to become an Engineer died!
I know there are tests to identify the ability of a person to be what he wants to be, I can be fascinated with my French teacher  the way he or she talks, and treat his/her students, but I'm not qualified to be a French teacher because I simply do not know all the secrets of the French Language, grammar, my dictionary is limited, I can not write a poem or an attractive article let alone a story, so yes I love the language and my teacher but I do not have what it takes to be a French Teacher!
As the technical supervisor of the Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology -ABIIT for short- I used to perform those “Qualification Tests” to determine the ability of a student to learn computers and technology and my goal was to get the best results as a faculty having the highest rates of successful students who accomplished successful projects regardless of how many students I did destroy their dreams to become computer specialists, it was not a personal vendetta, just a personal desire to best results that it might had cost the dreams of others but nothing personal!
Let us take it to our Egyptian traditions, if you are disqualified for a post of a study it is always because who disqualified you had personal issues with you, your religion or family background were the reason not because you were missing what it takes for that position or study!
Definitely if we want to rebuilt this country we need to start real education and ethics, before the net and internet, families used to gather on the dinner table and talk on any issue but soon enough parents would pass on their expertise and knowledge to their kids; Now thanks to the internet and mobile technology any family gathering worth zero as each member is there physically, but his mind else were chatting with 2-3 or more of his internet friends! And if someone asks for the attention of the others he or she risks a lot of rudeness in the replies, we really need to learn how to respect others in general, and elderly specially  and the other opinion, when we learn how to behave and respect we might finally learn how to move forward rebuilding this country without wondering what this country gave us!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be with you ALL!