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  • Tuesday ,30 August 2016

Revolutions against corruption!

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,30 August 2016

Revolutions against corruption!

After the revolution of July 23, 1952, the headlines of newspapers called to trial those who used their influence and corrupted the political life. Newspapers called to deprive those of citizenship, political rights, and public jobs and compel them to return the money they took. The result was not quite good since corruption increased supported by the successive governments. 

The same calls were repeated after the revolutions of January 25. Major General Ahmed Abdel Halim, security expert, said that political corruption has a general definition which is violating legality in all its forms. This proves that having a definition for political corruption is very hard. However, we should not think about exceptional laws thinking this is the only way to fight corruption. We have committed this mistake after the retardation of 1967.
Many people also called to revise the current laws since they were amended giving the opportunity to lawyers to manipulate these laws and acquit the perpetrators and corrupted people. Why don’t the Minister of Justice form committees to re-draft the laws?
There is a story that summarizes the current situation. A child asked his father about the meaning of political corruption. The father said that it’s hard to explain, but I provide for this house, so call me capitalism. Your mother takes care of the house affairs, so we will call her the government. You are under her command, so you are the people. Your little brother is the future and the maid that lives with us will be called the toiling powers. 
At night, the child was unable to sleep. He heard his little brother crying and found her without dippers. He found his mother asleep and his father was sleeping with the maid. On the next day, he told his father that he knew what political corruption means. When capitalism manipulates the toiling powers while the government is asleep, the people will be worried and ignored and the future become immersed in the filth.