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  • Friday ,26 August 2016

New law or new way

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,27 August 2016

New law or new way
Recently, The Coptic church addressed that they are along with the Anglican and Catholic Church agreed on the new law for building the churches, however, the main question we have to ask here was there a law for building a church and if there was a law before so what is the difference between that law and the previous law. 
Unfortunately, I can see a lot of propaganda about the new law and the media and responsible people will try to convince themselves and Coptic community that this law will solve the issue of building a new church and that will stop all the sectarian events that are happing almost every month. 
I don’t want to be pessimistic but I can assure that the new law will not solve the problem of building the new churches; I believe we don’t need a new law to build the churches but we need a new way to teach people to be more tolerant with the others. 
Egyptians need to have a new education way that teaches them how to live with others in peace. We need a new way to learn that the state is the only institution responsible to execute the law among all people in a fair way. 
In conclusion, I want to say that, we waste a lot of time and money in issuing new laws that will never solve many problems of Egyptians. We need to learn how to be tolerant and respect others more than issuing new laws and the reason behind that is the experience taught us that Egyptian don’t respect that law because they never taught to respect it in the school.