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  • Friday ,26 August 2016

When Copts became a shame!

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,26 August 2016

When Copts became a shame!

The prescience of Copts in Egypt is considered a shame by some fanatics. The successive governments of Egypt has refused to declare the real population of Copts in Egypt considering it a national security secret that should be known only for Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics and the president. However, the state used to leak some fake numbers from time to another to declare that numbers of the Copts in Egypt are very little comparing to the majority of the Muslims. Yet, naming them minority didn’t mean they can take rights as minorities including protection.

When Anwar Sadat was secretary general of the Islamic Conference, he couldn’t stand that Egypt has 20% of its population as Coptic Christians. Thus, he promised to turn Copts in Egypt into slaves and servants to the Muslims in ten years. Suffering in the governmental jobs, many Copts decided to start their own businesses which made them rich and powerful that they control 40% of Egypt's wealth. Those who immigrated to the west succeeded and built many churches and went to the best universities. However, they didn’t forget about their Coptic families in Egypt like Sir Magdi Yacoub who kept his love and devotion to Egypt and its people though he suffered a lot in Egypt. It was ironic that Sadat was killed by the same Islamists whom he supported. Being the faithful president didn’t prevent them from shedding his blood after signing the Camp David peace treaty with Israel. Indeed, a man reaps what he sows. 
Fanatics believe that the existence of Copts in Egypt is misfortune that they should get rid of. After they failed to convert all Copts into Muslims or kill them, they decided to hide their identity in building churches and prominent jobs.
 Many people ask why the Islamists in Egypt are so scared from building churches in which prayers are conducted for Egypt and its people! Why are they worried that Copts may teach about love honesty and being good citizens?
It is clear that the real reason for such hatred to the church is that is a religious symbol expressing the Christian presence in Egypt. One of the ten conditions issued by Ezabi Pasha in 1934 that the churches are not built next to railroads in order to avoid giving impression that the majority of the city are Christians. The new bill of building churches also forgot to mention crosses and domes of the churches.
Fanatics don’t like Christians to take important offices or be well known. We have just heard about two Coptic Christian children who were not allowed to through the final test to play for the famous football club al-Ahli. They may have better chances if their names are not dedicated for Christians and are common between Muslims and Christians. 
It’s really shame on Egypt to deal with the Copts as shame. The real shame is to have such thinking taking control of our destiny and find no shame in refusing to give two Coptic children the chance to play football in a big club though they are very good players because captains don’t like their religion. Shame on you!