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  • Thursday ,25 August 2016

Can’t take more!

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,25 August 2016

Can’t take more!

The political leadership of Egypt does not want her to be a leading country, since it may think that being a leading country is important. The Egyptian presidency is negotiating a new deal of 4 French aircrafts to be added to the 24 aircrafts owned by the presidency. 

This happens as the Egyptian government is facing financial crises and accepting donations from the poor Egyptians. The 24 aircrafts are worth 3 billion LE and the 4 aircrafts are worth 300 million Euros.
Will the presidency sell the 24 aircrafts and donate the money to support the Egyptian economy? Will one of them be donated to the patients in one of the public hospitals to let them feel better instead of suffering in the intensive care? The new deal must have something to do with the rationalization of expenditures since Egypt can’t take more.