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  • Wednesday ,24 August 2016

Archdeacon Habib Girgis

By Father Athnasious Fahmy

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Wednesday ,24 August 2016

Archdeacon Habib Girgis
Archdeacon Habib Girgis is a well known name in the Coptic Orthodox Church for his great influence and he led educational renaissance in the Coptic Orthodox Church and worked hard for the ministry. 
Habib Girgis died on 21 August 1951, and he lived according the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and his life was model for Christians in his era and till today. He was dean of the center of theology and founder of Sunday School. He also led consecration, teaching and writing in the Coptic church proving the important role of laity in the ministry. 
He was entrusted by Pope Cyril V and was his disciple as well as Pope Youannis and Pope Makarious III and Pope Youssab II. 
He gave great concern to the center of theology and linked it to Alexandria school of theology. He joined the general congregation councils in order to serve his church as much as he could. The skillful speaker was also a skillful writer and founded several magazines like Karma and Sunday School magazines and wrote 17 books.
He was deacon, minister, preacher, savant and theological teacher. He sacrificed his life for his church, education and ministry. He always said that the good shepherd is the goal and the theological school is the way. He gave us an example to build in the church of God with love and modesty.