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  • Tuesday ,23 August 2016

Egypt is looted (2)

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,23 August 2016

Egypt is looted (2)

After the Egyptian people decided to produce wheat for the bread, billions of pounds dedicated to subsidized bread were stolen, just like billions of pounds dedicated for the subsidized electricity for factories and homes were stolen as well.

The money of Parliament's budget was stolen by members of the Youth and Sports Committee of the parliament who traveled to Brazil at the expense of people, which happened for the first time in history.
Billions of dollars dedicated for free treatment of the people were stolen by doctors, nursing staff, and owners of laboratories and radiology. Poor Egyptian people had to pay for their treatment though the service is too bad.
Billions of pounds dedicated for free education was stolen by teachers whom are paid salaries from the government and loot money of the people through Private lessons.
Bribery steals billions of pounds from the Egyptian people and prevents law enforcement and justice. High buildings are built against the law proving the officials have received huge bribes.
Many court officials and policemen receive bribes. This corruption devours the food of the Egyptian people. It helps corrupted people seize the land and evade paying taxes. In fact, forgery and stealing became everywhere.
Media also steal money and time of the people. Those billionaires of media are keen to receive their salaries as journalists from national institutions funded by the state.
The Egyptian people have not sacrificed for the nation as they should. It’s worth mentioning here that the president have donated half of his wealth and half of his salary for Long Live Egypt Fund.
People do not belong to this nation anymore. All organizations in Egypt need change of mind and attitude. What was good in the past don’t fit the current moment. We need to define our identity and answer many questions: what kind of economy do we have? Do we have law or customary sessions? Do we obey the constitution or clergy? The Muslim clergy in Loufy village refused to allow building a church in their village and the state accepted that! Egypt was stolen by the Salafists and the government accepted such robbery and may have received a share.