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  • Monday ,22 August 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part I

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,22 August 2016

Egyptian Traditions Part I

As of today I'll be posting about our Egyptian Traditions they try to kill; Who “they”? Well all intruders that try to kill Egypt! 

Who are they? Not just British or French occupation or... Those old occupations were already defeated, but their left over like Sykes Picot theories and principals or followers like Muslim Brotherhood the MI6 creation, but to understand the purpose of this series of articles I intend to publish over the following weeks unless a major event deserves my attention, I need to take you back to my childhood and the place my and my sisters were born!
Well my father was a government employee his monthly pay would not exceed 9 Egyptian pounds when the pound worth a LOT! But still a royal family member would spend double or triple that amount in a night feast who knows I was never one of them!
However my father with his limited monthly pay he could still afford a 4 room house and kitchen and bathroom but in a very popular neighbourhood but really close to a high class one that was Boulak Abu-el-ela, close to Zamalek!
Well this house was on a 5 floors building each floor at least had 2 apartments and our next door neighbour was Chiro Loredan the Italian manager of the stores Chicurel! They were Italians but in fact almost 90% of the tenants if not more were Greek, indeed Greece and Egypt since Alexander the great built Alexandria had deep ties, moreover, my Mother was Greek but become Egyptian since her marriage to my father!
In that house I could see from the Kitchen Window or our terasse (Long long balcony extended from the Salon to my parents bedroom bypassing our bedroom that had a window overseeing that balcony that my parents used to look through it to check on their children without disturbing our sleep by opening our closed bedroom door) !
I repeat from that balcony our the kitchen window I could see a far away church that the rhythmic sound of bells would tell my it was Sunday mass time! 
Well apparently some one got annoyed by the Sunday mass BELLS and found the sound of the guy calling for the prayers of dawn, mid-day and so on very melodic even if his sound was worst than the donkey or competing with owls, monkeys and bears sounds! So Nasser or Muslim Brotherhood or a mixture of them decided to BAN Church Bells but allowed the use of load speakers to announce prayer times!
And the story starts here, Ban Church Building then after discussions and international negotiations the law of building churches got its way out that until now Christian Egyptians suffer from it! It was  claimed a church was built on a piece of land belonged to someone and the law was aiming to prevent such actions,  others said its an authentication this land belongs to the church, however the spot our ex-neighbour R.I.P. Used to pray in it inside his shop become a mosque no one protested and the only law concerning MOSQUES was the building that has a mosque his owner is exempted from taxes!
Bottom line here is  the  Sykes Picot principal divide to rule was used to scatter Egyptians in so many directions not just Christians and Muslims but Christians themselves Orthodox, Catholic, ect and Muslims as well Shiaa and Suna and who knows what else let alone the Jews the prey of Muslim Brotherhood well used in the first burning of Cairo, Palestine will be liberated by pushing away loyal Egyptians their only crime was their religion! Same issue with loyal Egyptians their only crime is being Christians an easy prey to escalate sectarian violence and divide more and more Egyptians even Loyal Muslim Egyptians that refuse Muslim Brotherhood principals and believe all Egyptians have equal rights moreover they protect and defend those Christians!
This is the all time first shut to keep Egyptians from work or developing and going forward so that the heart of the world Egypt can be cut into pieces!
I rest my case at this point will resume in the following weeks with Part II and III they all aim the Egyptian traditions that because of them God blessed Egypt and Egypt alone, may God's Blessing to Egypt and Egyptians remain for ever and his peace be with you all!