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  • Friday ,19 August 2016

Permission to build a church

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,19 August 2016

Permission to build a church

Lately I read in the news that the security in Egypt still negotiate with the Muslims in “ Koom el loof Village” to convince them to all the Christian build the church. 

Although, it’s not the first time to know that is happening in Egypt, however, I was shocked that the state and the security this time are not shame to tell the media that story. 

Unfortunately, having this situation means many negative sides, one of them that Egypt is no longer a real state. A real state doesn’t resort to people and take their permission but resort to the law whatever is the consequence. 

In fact, when we try to measure the progress of any country, one of the tools is being used to determine that progress is by watching if the law executed on all people fairly. 

In conclusion, I want to confirm that what is happening in Egypt right now against Coptic is a very danger indication and will put Egypt in a very critical situation not only in front of the international community but also in front of its future.