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  • Friday ,19 August 2016

2 injured by explosion in Kerdasa


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Friday ,19 August 2016

2 injured by explosion in Kerdasa

 Kerdasa prosecution officials visited Al-Moatamdeya area on Thursday to inspect the circumstances surrounding a series of explosions.

Three bombs were detonated earlier on Thursday, damaging two shop fronts and leaving two citizens injured who were in the vicinity of the explosion.
The prosecution, along with a forensic lab, are still investigating the damage from the blast as well as the reasons behind the blast, such as possible perpetrators or targets.
Bombings have become a frequent occurrence across Egypt, with a militant insurgency at its peak in North Sinai, and other attacks frequently occurring in Greater Cairo and other governorates.
Two bombs exploded on the first day of parliamentary elections in October 2015 in front of a school in Kerdasa. No injuries were reported.