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  • Tuesday ,16 August 2016

Egypt wins… they lose

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,16 August 2016

Egypt wins… they lose

The Egyptian armed forces are watching over the security of the homeland and the citizens. Moreover, it is working hard to support the Egyptian economy after they have built what was destroyed. 

Egypt has started a new era after the revolution of June 30 when the people refused the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many conspirators against Egypt got made including the American Administration, Britain, Turkey and Qatar. They decided to wage several wars against Egypt including economic and terrorist wars.
The problem is that they use people of the fifth column in Egypt to achieve their evil plans. Those traitors decided to betray their own country for several reasons. However, the Egyptian state was positive when it fixed what was ruined under the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood. The state is seeking development in all aspects of life in Egypt. Therefore, the World Bank issued a global confidence degree in the Egyptian economy.
However, the state has not punished those who conspire against Egypt including rumors spreaders and agents.
It’s clear that Egypt is depending on its army in the time of war and peace. They do all this achievements thanks to commitment, organizing and loyalty. We should have awareness campaigns made with the help of the public affairs of the Armed Forces.
Egypt in such wars needs firmness in leading the country towards achievements. Long live Egypt.