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  • Monday ,15 August 2016

Reform New Generations

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,15 August 2016

Reform New Generations

It was proposed on Facebook few days ago to rebuilt proper Egypt with new generations we need first to reform them and best solution was to start from scratch that is eliminate the people and import new ones teachers to teach new generations manners, behaviours and consciousness! 

I'm sure the proposers would just be the guys that said it so many times either we rule over you or we'll kill you! A new way to demoralise people and escalate the dismay over the president!
The president is facing a very critical time with minimizing the government support on commodities like electricity that its bill raised due to that and raising funds with taxes that will make poor people poorer as they face increases in food supplies, they could escape electricity increase as they can not afford electric equipments  but mid class people will face a lot of hassle! So where is the solution? Personally I have no solutions, I see the problems I understand and agree 100% that government support of prices is a huge overhead to our income rather than being directed for development it is consumed in government aid to poor people, but this teaches poor people to relay on the government rather than trying to improve their own income and gives bad example to new generations! So where is the solution?
I know and believe that God who created the birds and feeds them will never let down a human being and let him die from hunger! However, when I see poor people I do help them as much as I can mean time I confirm I'm not a multi milliner Guy, I'm just a retired guy with limited pension! And I can not advise the government to close its eyes on poor people so where is the solution?
To the best  solution to my recollection after the serious financial problem if Greece it was a must to reconsider expenses and stop them Egypt and the government are in this track most expenditures go towards big national projects that need lot of effort from young people but why young people? Because they can afford the effort and their salaries way less than older people on top of that they gain experiences and knowledge! 
This is the time youth can stand up to rebuild the country and its economy as well! They should not fall easy preys to false allegations and poisonous rumours that aims the unity of its people so that people divided would be easier to cut of the country into divisions and Sykes–Picot Agreement that failed so far to divide Egypt would finally win!
This is my advise to young people and youth, stay focus to your own targets do not listen to others or accept solutions they were not your own very own thoughts! The day you will listen to the people that try to set you back or plant despair in every thing around you it will be the end of you as an Egyptian who cares of his country!
I really pity those young guys surrounded by those demoralisers who try by all means to bring this country down but my faith in God reassures me that Egypt and Egypt alone is blessed by God may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!