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  • Friday ,12 August 2016

The virgin Mary

Father Asanasius

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Friday ,12 August 2016

The virgin Mary

When the virgin Mary was born, her parents gave her to serve in the temple. Her parents may have wished to have a male child like most of the parents in the Middle East so that the baby may carry the father’s name for decades. She lived in the temple until she grew up. Then, she had to move to live with a man who takes her as wife. This man was Joseph. The young lady had to tolerate a lot of pain starting with being accused of committing adultery and passing by pregnancy.

She had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem where she gave birth to Jesus Christ. The nativity story continues to show us how the new child changed the earth and heaven by his incarnation and gave happiness to all creatures with his promised salvation.
The devil decided not to let the world enjoy this peace. Therefore, King Herod decided to kill all infants in Jerusalem. Therefore, the holy family had to travel to Egypt.
The child grew up and the pain of virgin Mary grew as well until she saw her only child hanged on the cross till he died.
 St. Mary knew she was the mother of God, but she accepted to live in humiliation among the poor. Her child created the law, but she accepted and obeyed the law. Her life was full of pain, but accepted this pain quietly. Intercede on our behalf O virgin Mary to your son the God that he may forgive us our sins and have mercy on the world. We know that your intersession is powerful and your love is endless.