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  • Wednesday ,10 August 2016

Failure to failure

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,10 August 2016

Failure to failure

Mr. Khaled Hanafi is the minister of Supplies in Egypt should be called minister of corruption since he defends it and claims it has not prevented us from eating bread! The man gives excuse to the corrupted people to continue their job and steal our money.

I know that the minister is not corrupted, but gives excuse to the corruption. In fact, he could only manage since he was supported by the armed forces and the president whom the people do love.
The minister proved that corruption may not prevent the people from life. Moreover, he failed to develop the system of bread and failed to eliminate corruption. 
The great minister could only help the corrupted people and enabled them to make more money under our suffering economy. They raised the prices according to their own will knowing that the minster loves them and won’t hurt their feelings. Therefore, the armed forces have to import the goods that the minster of supplies fails to provide. In short, failure in planning is planning for failure.