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  • Monday ,08 August 2016

Ahmed Zewail R.I.P.

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,08 August 2016

Ahmed Zewail R.I.P.
Ahmed Zewail the 1st ever Nobel award winner to Egyptian Scientist, moreover, 50 more awards won by him practically proved he was right when he said Pharaohs originally where Genius! 
The world and Egypt lost a genius scientist in chemistry last week and by Saturday the 6th of August 2016 his body should be back to Egypt so that he would be buried officially in a military funeral on Sunday 7th August 2016! 
The fact is that any intelligent person male or female that has certain talents in any field could be pure scientific or artistic, music, poetry literature or what so ever that person has the full opportunity to become a genius in his field but unfortunately if born in Egypt he would be facing a lot of challenges 1st one would be the jealousy why he/she would be better than me I have to set him/her down to be ahead of him/her! Bottom line is every one will be there to push him/her down to the failure this was the  forever DNS description of Pharaohs, their brains not functional, on the other hand any stupid lazy brains in foreign grounds all surrounding people would stand by him helping him to become successful and they all get to merit of helping him and pushing him to success!
Ahmed Zewail R.I.P. Proved to the word that Pharaohs brains still the best given the opportunity! This 50 awards scientist winner Ahmed Zewail makes me feel proud cause deep inside me I'm a scientist graduated from the faculty of science the son of a scientist as well moreover this scientist (my father) was a scientist in chemistry had researches and got awards too!
Really I feel sad Egypt lost this bright man, and feel proud as well for all what Egypt and its president decided to give back to honour this nan! Best awards special Egypt Air flight to collect his body straight back to Egypt without transits specially to Turkey! I feel proud for the military honoured funeral, and finally for the Ahmed Zewail academy  that had become national goal and sure Egyptians will honour Ahmed Zewail more and more by building this academy way faster than expected!
I rest my case at this point as I still mourn Ahmed Zewail in spite of been proud cause I need to get accustomed to the fact that this is the end of each and every great man!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians, and his peace be with you ALL!