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  • Wednesday ,03 August 2016

Demonstrate holding pictures of the president

Gergis Wahib

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Wednesday ,03 August 2016

Demonstrate holding pictures of the president

Many patriot Copts insist on demonstrating before the white house, not the UN, though they know that the American Administration doesn’t like President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who toppled the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood. I suggest that they hold pictures of the President during their demonstration in order to prove their support to him and to denounce the recent sectarian attacks against the Copts in Upper Egypt. This will prove they support the president in such critical moment.

There are many problems that face Copts in Egypt, which recently escalated. Police and many officials have not reacted to such attacks. Yet, the White House is not the solution for such problems. In fact, the American Administration proved they don’t care about the Copts, but they are likely to use such demonstrations against the Egyptian regime.
Iraqis Christians have been suffering the most since the American army landed Iraq. I tell my brethren who will demonstrate before the White House that they should remember what the president did for Egypt and I remind them of his war against terrorism. The president is facing many conspiracies inside and outside Egypt. Finaly, if the current regime is overthrown, Copts in Egypt will suffer the most and you will be watching such suffering on TV.