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  • Tuesday ,02 August 2016

Greater sedition and the presidential solutions!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,02 August 2016

Greater sedition and the presidential solutions!

Sectarian strife has always been the best way to conspire against Egypt, and therefore, fighting it should be a matter of national security. The presidency is working hard to face it, but religious education has been inciting them for years and spreading teachings about Islamic superiority for decades which contradicts with the basic rules of citizenship.

Political Islam groups took over Egypt and its people teaching them that Christians are minority and second degree citizens who have no right to build a church to worship their good.
Egypt is facing a conspiracy to confront and clash with the Salafists in order to show the government as if targeting to destroy Islam. Therefore, the government should wisely chose how and when to deal with such sectarian incidents.
The repeated sectarian attacks led by the Salafis were incited based on rumors about building a new church. The angry mobs start attacking this building as well as other buildings owned by Copts. The officials, not understanding the plan, start ignoring the incidents. Moreover, police may cooperate with the Muslim party for many reasons including religious feelings or tribal and family ties, and so do the mayors who mostly deny the incidents instead of denouncing them.
Several parties put pressure on the weak party, the Copts, in order to accept reconciliation and wavier their rights before the attacks are repeated over and over with the same scenario
The victims have been waiting for long for the activation of the Criminal Code for such assaults, and activating the articles of the Constitution regarding citizenship. This should take a long time since the presidency is taking several points into consideration. The governor of Minya was prevented from attending customary reconciliation sessions since he should be the one enforcing the law.
Such contrived incidents prove that Egypt is facing a conspiratorial scheme to defame Egypt abroad and show the West that the Egyptian government is persecuting Egyptian Copts. All Egyptians should unite to face such threat.
The problem is that many Coptic activists on Facebook have followed the electronic militias of the Muslim Brotherhood who incite the sedition under Coptic names.
It’s such a big mistake to think that America will support the Copts since this country is supporting their enemies, I mean the Muslim Brotherhood. The Coptic activists in America called to demonstrate before the White House that in fact supports sectarianism just like its supports the terrorists. 
It’s a very serious matter and our enemies are waiting for such chance to destroy our unity at such critical moment. Long live Egypt.