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  • Friday ,29 July 2016

Rules of death in Istanbul

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Friday ,29 July 2016

Rules of death in Istanbul

Once upon a time a wife called a doctor to come over and save her husband who was dying. When the doctor arrived, the husband was already dead. The doctor asked: Did he sweat before he died? The wife nodded. “Excellent. This is how it should be” the doctor happily said! This is a joke that shows that some people may care about the rules more than humans.

I remembered this story after reading many articles that welcomed and hailed the victory of "democracy" with Erdogan's return to power and the failure of coup in Turkey.
 Democracy triumphed in Turkey regardless of the fact that Erdogan is killing the Kurdish people and participating in killing the Syrians by providing the militias with weapons leading 11 million Syrian people out of Syria. Moreover, this policy of Erdogan got 59% of the population below the poverty line. Rules of democracy are more important than the suffering people indeed! No matter that Turkey is a member of NATO since 1952, and participated in several wars against Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq.
Turkish democracy triumphed by isolating about three thousand judges for alleged ties to the coup! I don’t support this coup since I don’t know who was behind it. Moreover, I don’t support military coups in general since they reflect the lack of communication with the people and influence on them.  However, I don’t consider democracy holy that people should worship it. In short, I only care about the people who live under certain regime.
Democracy can’t be seen as some rules away from people’s conditions. American democracy waged 75 wars since World War II that affected even the American people too bad. In 1993, President Yeltsin attacked the elected Russian parliament with tanks and was supported by Clinton at that time.
The most heinous crimes were committed at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons under the American democracy as well. 
Thinking about democracy away from the suffering of the people makes us like the doctor who was happy that the man sweated before he died!