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  • Wednesday ,27 July 2016

Demonstrate against al-Sisi to support the Brotherhood

Gergis Wahib

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Wednesday ,27 July 2016

Demonstrate against al-Sisi to support the Brotherhood

The Copts in Egypt expected a better situation after the revolution of June 30. However, they are still suffering to build new churches and there are several positions that they are can’t take including governors, heads of universities, intelligence officers. Moreover, the government failed to protect the Copts in many sectarian attacks. Such attacks apparently aim to spread chaos in Egypt and make the Copts stay away from supporting the president. 

However, I disagree with calls to demonstrate against the president Abdul Fatth al-Sisi in front of the White House. Those few numbers who call for such demonstrations should realize that America doesn’t care for Copts in Egypt since it has supported the Muslim Brotherhood and is only working for its interests.
In fact, America is still hoping to return the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt though the Copts would be the first victims. America could have fooled the Egyptians before the revolution of June 30, but the ugly face was revealed later. Furthermore, America made ISIS and can claim to support human rights and Copts no more.
The Copts are now in better situation that the days of Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood. I tell those who call for such demonstrations that they are giving a chance to enemies of Egypt including the Muslim Brotherhood to attack Egypt. They should realize that president al-Sisi has returned Egypt to the Egyptians and restore their dignity. 
It should be known that the terrorist group is the valid alternative for the current regime in Egypt which cannot bring good for Copts in Egypt. It was clear that Christians in Iraq extremely suffered when America invaded Iraq and allowed their friends in ISIS to attack them. Police failed to protect the Copts in many cases, but they did in several cases as well. We should start solving our problems in cooperation with our Muslim friends and we should start praying for such problems.