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  • Friday ,22 July 2016

Supplications before God


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Friday ,22 July 2016

Supplications before God

We have many lawsuits filed before Egyptian courts, but we don’t know if judiciary will do justice to the oppressed. Therefore, I decided to write my supplications before God that he may do justice to us.

Earning one’s living became one of the most important issues of concern to every citizen in need. Earning their living became harder and feeding the starving children became a dilemma. The Egyptians demonstrated against corruption to bring another one that is bigger. Terrorism joined corruption and destroyed lives of more and more people. Therefore, we offer our Supplications before God that He may do justice to us and put an end to poverty, corruption and terrorism.
Copts in Egypt are the origin of this country and their love to the country is unquestionable indeed. However, many people are trying to oppress them, burn their churches, kidnap their minor girls to force their conversion into Islam, attack their homes and seize their lands. God has heard our supplications in many sectarian attacks and we trust He will do justice to the Copts after the government abandoned them and neglected their rights.
Women also should receive respect and honor in our society, and those who insult them should quit. Our community decided to insult women instead of using their minds and talents for the good of our country. In fact, women are honored in religions, but those who claim to be religious are the most people to oppress women. Therefore, the oppressed women are offering their supplication before God that He may do justice to them at the right time.