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  • Tuesday ,19 July 2016

Vital national question

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,19 July 2016

Vital national question

On June 29, 2015, the funeral of the martyr Attorney General Hisham Barakat was held in the presence of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and many judges. The martyr was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood by exploding his car. In the funeral, the president promised to hold speed trials in terrorist cases. 

Furthermore, the president promised to carry out rules of life imprisonment and death penalties. However, it looks like the president has forgotten about his promise.
The government has forgotten about this promise as well and the parliament that is busy discussing prices, girl’s circumcision and the cancelation of Daylight savings.
As the terrorists are killing the Egyptians in no time, the Egyptian judiciary is taking forever to judge those terrorists. I wonder when we will think about families of the martyrs who feel very bad for the death of their beloved people. Furthermore, carrying out these court rulings is an effective way to put limit to such terrorist attacks.