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  • Wednesday ,13 July 2016

Nader Bakkar, an Islamic icon

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Wednesday ,13 July 2016

Nader Bakkar, an Islamic icon

The Salafi Nour Party depends on two wings in Egypt. Sheikh Borhami who represents the extremist party and calls to demolish all churches in Egypt since they can’t stay in an Islamic country. The other party represented by Nader Bakkar is the moderate one.

Bakkar who was educated in Harvard calls for dialogue and being nice for all people including the infidels. 
The two wings are supported by the Wahhabism and national security police. It is also supported by millions of Egyptians estimated at 30 million.
America has chosen Bakkar for his good command of English and positive situations prior to burning dozens of churches after the dispersal of Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-ins. He participated in several medical convoys and Islamic conferences. He was chosen by the CIA to receive special education in America.
Will he be nominated for the presidency in Egypt after Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who looks confused and suffering in his new position? Al-Sisi also called the Egyptians for asceticism and eating less!
It looks like Bakkar was chosen by America to run for the presidency in Egypt. They know that he will call for tolerance in the beginning before he reveals his real face just like Amr al-Aas did and burned the library of Alexandria and beheaded many Copts in Upper Egypt. 
In fact, Bakkar and Borhami are two faces of the same coin. It’s Wahhabism that is supported by Al-Azhar and its leaders who admire ISIS and mourn for Muslims in Myanmar, but care not for the suffering Christians in Egypt.