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  • Tuesday ,12 July 2016

New lighting system to offer expanded Egyptian Museum hours


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Tuesday ,12 July 2016

New lighting system to offer expanded Egyptian Museum hours

The Ministry of Antiquities began on Monday to install a new lighting system inside and outside the Egyptian Museum in an attempt to expand its hours of operation into the evening.

The project is part of the ministry's plan to keep open a number of archaeological sites and museums into the evening and night.
Elham Salah, head of the ministry's Museums Sector, described the project as "very important," as it would help return the museum its original glamour. The old lighting system, she explained, is not suitable due to the museum's historical importance and treasured collections.
Salah told Ahram Online that installing a new lighting system outside the museum is also crucial to the ability of the Tourism and Antiquities Police to keep the museum, its guests, and its collection safe at night.
Wadala Abul Ela, head of the ministry's Projects Sector, explains that the project will cost EGP 2 million, a fee the Ministry of Tourism has offered to cover. The project, he went on, includes the installation of new electric cables as well as changing the lighting on paths both inside and outside the museum.
Abul Ela asserted that some new lamps and cables were already installed inside the museum, and the installation of equipment in the museum courtyard started on Monday.