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  • Friday ,08 July 2016

Safety is in your believe

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,10 July 2016

Safety is in your believe

While the world is going insane everywhere, many people lose their jobs because of different reasons. One of these reasons could be because your Manager doesn’t like you, could be because the owner wants to decrease the expenses. Many and many reasons could be used as a reason to layoff the people from their work. 

The problem when any person laid off that everyone has commitment and bills have to pay to survive and many employers unfortunately lay off their employee with a short notice or even without any notice.
Whatever was the reason that the owner used to layoff the employee, there is no doubt that will be a shock for the family and for all dependent. At that time the person starts to panic and feel unsafe and wish he can do anything to not let his family getting down or depressed because of that. 
Its hard time for everyone but the main key when any one face this situation is to believe in his ability to find another job that might be better than the job he lost. 
In conclusion, I want to advise everyone face this situation is to not lose hope and to try always thinks that his destiny and safety is not in people’s hand but in God’s hand.