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  • Friday ,08 July 2016

Lady of Karm in the revolution of June 30


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Friday ,08 July 2016

Lady of Karm in the revolution of June 30

June 30, 2013, was such a wonderful day in Egypt when millions of the Egyptian people demonstrated against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that fooled the naïve people in the name of religion and infiltrated their minds for years in order to be able to rule Egypt. 

The demonstration started by agreement among parties, political forces and national movements supported by Media. Then, a wonderful revolt youth movement emerged and was supported by millions of Egyptians who also participated in the revolution of June 30. I remember that day when Muslims and Christians, young and elderly, men and women, left-wing and right-wing, poor and rich, disabled and sound people demonstrated full of hope in a better future. They were not divided like they are today since they were only seeking truth, freedom and dignity.
Then, we demonstrated to support the road map, electing a new president and parliament. Egypt started to restore its prominent role in the region and started great projects as well.
However, the president called several times to renew the religious discourse with no real response. Extremism and assassinations challenged the will of the president. Egypt witnessed several sectarian incidents and forced displacement for Copts. A Coptic old lady was stripped of in the street after rumors about romantic relationship between a Muslim woman and son of the old lady.
In fact, there was no avenging for the Copts and their blood or even the blood of the Egyptian soldiers. The law is not applied along with the constitution. The president is working hard to restore the regional and international role of Egypt. 
However, the perpetrators should be punished. If not, we should have many ladies like the old woman in Karm village.