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  • Thursday ,07 July 2016

ISIS kills sister Athanasia

Dr. Magid Ezzat Israel

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Thursday ,07 July 2016

ISIS kills sister Athanasia

Several Copts have been killed in Egypt since the commemoration of June 30 revolution. They are killed and their houses are burned and looted. In Karm village, an old Coptic lady was stripped off in the streets. Then, a group of Copts were attacked in Beni Suef and forced displaced supported by customary reconciliation sessions. Later, ISIS claimed responsibility of killing the priest of St. George Church in Arish. Moreover, a nun was killed yesterday in her way to the monastery. Sister Athanasia was killed and other nuns as well as the driver were severely injured. The killer was hiding his face and wearing a white garment. He was shouting Allah Akbar while he was killing the nun!

I wonder: how would the government react to such incidents? Is the blood of the Copts so cheap? Christian clergy are now targeted, but the police is not able to protect them.
The Copts have offered many martyrs for the nation since June 25, 2011, and till now. Their churches were set on fire, but the state claimed they were only accidents. The state has to face the fact that ISIS is trying to kill the Copts in order to punish them for supporting the Egyptian state against the terrorists.
In fact, Copts always seek peace and show love for their fellow Egyptians. They pray for the government and the army as their religion teaches them. I offer my sincere condolences to Pope Tawadros and the family of the nun.