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  • Friday ,01 July 2016

Down the Family House

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Friday ,01 July 2016

Down the Family House

In the past, the family house in Egypt was a big house that consists of several apartments for the grandfather and the sons. The big family had social links and love. The leader of the family used to solve problems of the families within the family house.

Now, Muslim and Christian clergy started a project under the supervision of the state and under the auspices of the church and Al-Azhar. This came after they supported the resolution of June 30 aiming to achieve equality and social justice. In fact, I was so happy to find Christens and Muslim fasting together on July 26, 2013 at my initiation.
No doubt that the foundation of the family house in order to support national unity and tolerance is a good one. However, it doesn’t do its job by solving all problems and prevent sectarian strife.
The family house tried to hold customary reconciliation session after it forced several Copts to abandon their homes in Beni Suef and several places. This family house support the criminals and wrong the victims, which encourages the criminals to prepare for new attacks knowing that only the victims will pay for such mess. Therefore, the Egyptian people should demolish this house of shame.