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  • Wednesday ,29 June 2016

David Cameron is playing a game of chicken.

Naguib Abadir

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Wednesday ,29 June 2016

David Cameron is playing a game of chicken.

David Cameron is playing a game of chicken.

He promised a referendum to get elected.

After an acrimonious campaign by the "Leave" & the "Remain" camps, the will of his people was revealed. His people is now divided and his country on the verge of disintegration. Scotland wants out, the city of London as well, Ireland is a wild card, the youth is seeing a bleak future.....
And now, to make things worse Cameron is hanging on to power for 2 or 3 more months. Meanwhile he doesn't want to execute the result of the referendum and won't enact clause 50 of the Lisbon EU Treaty.....
Political analysts are thriving and are now claiming the result is not binding and it's up to the parliament to decide.
Cameron is protracting the state of uncertainty, speculation & bickering.
In the process the EU is being pushed to the edge of a cliff & the longer this drags on, the more turmoil, political, economic & social, the world will have to bear.
Was all this a miscalculation? Or is it intentional and part of a greater plot?
Only time will tell.