• 21:37
  • Wednesday ,29 June 2016

War has started

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,29 June 2016

War has started

I know it is a scary title to choose, since wars are scary in general. However, not all wars are too bad since some wars are waged against corruption that spread in our life and daily works. In fact, we hope that such war is increasing more and more.

The news said that a silo manager was arrested for seizing four million pounds during operations of the receipt of wheat. 
Regulators have arrested several corrupted people in that regime, which means it is full of corruption. Therefore, I hope they continue that the country may get rid of their corruption.
I am really happy that regulators are doing their job. This means that war has already started. Such war brings hope to our county and the Egyptian people that Egypt may get rid of corruption one day.